When buying rugs for the travel, hotel and hospitality industries, some of the most sought after decorative pieces are those items that exude a sense of luxury, comfort and well-being. In addition to comfort and beauty, the hospitality and hotel industries also need to comply with a host of safety standards and take into consideration things like acoustics, cost-effectiveness and, of course, there is a whole range of design considerations to be considered.

When selecting rugs for commercial use in hotels, the rugs chosen must be utilitarian and functional. That said, these rugs also have to create a feeling of comfort and home in a place where guests are often displaced from the things they love most. Extended stay hotels, for example, need to make guests feel like their room is more than just another hotel suite; they need it to feel like this is a place that a person can relax and reside for however long they need to. Hotel suites are used for such a wide array of events that the rugs need to fit in with whatever theme or aesthetic fits the guests’ needs. They tell a story in a subtle, but meaningful way. The best rugs will do their job both visually and functionally, and may never get any credit for all the hard work they do.
Area rugs do not only create a sense of comfort and luxury in a hotel room. They also serve the important purpose of dampening sounds like footsteps so that guests on lower floors have the same experience as guests on higher floors. Hallway rugs similarly help reduce noise between rooms and keep hotel guests from being disturbed by the comings and goings of fellow guests and staff alike. Area rugs, particularly in large suites or event rooms, can also play an important role in designating spaces. They can help guests visualize the transition from a living space in their room to the sleeping space, for example, further creating that sense of home they are looking for.
It takes careful consideration when choosing a material for the perfect hotel rug. Wool is a popular choice, because of its durability and ability to maintain its look and feel even when saturated with a large amount of liquid. Wool rugs can absorb up to 30% of their own weight and still maintain all of their best features. Wool is also an excellent insulator, and keeps hotel rooms warm without adding to the cost of heating. Pockets between the woolen fibers trap and hold heat, which is an energy and cost savings benefit.

Wool is also naturally flame retardant. Cotton, for example, can catch fire at 255° C. Polyester will melt between 252°- 292° C and nylon fibers melt between 160° -260° C. Wool, however, cannot melt and will not ignite below 570° C. This makes it safer even in a dangerous fire situation, because it cannot stick to skin as synthetics will. Adding this safety benefit in addition to its insulating properties is another easy choice for most hotels and properties.

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