Yarn Dyeing Process

Giving appropriate color to the yarn is one of the most important and visually appealing properties of the carpets. Dyes are produced with great caution to derive exact shades as required for the carpet design. Yarns are dipped in dyes which are heated to the boiling temperatures for certain definite amount of time. After the dyeing takes place, the dyed yarns are placed under the mild sun for drying. It is a complicated process that demands good and accurate results.


Maria Rug International has always been at the forefront of innovation and has helped to develop, alongside buyers, some of the most advanced production techniques that exist nowadays.

Carpet Weaving

The weaving of the dyed yarn into Indian carpet takes place in many ways.

  1. Hand knotted
  2. Hand Tufted
  3. Hand loom
  4. Flat weave
  5. Hand woven

Our Quality​

Quality is one of the few features that never go out of style. Since its foundation, Maria Rug has put all its efforts & hard work all together to make sure that clients are provided with the highest quality carpets and rugs.

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